BILANZ PTY. LTD. Agent No. 46007

Bilanz is now officially registered as ASIC agents. This allows us to assist our clients with the following duties:

  • Changes to company details.
  • Form 6010 Application for voluntary deregistration of a company.
  • Form 205A Notification of resolution to change company name.
  • Form 362 Notification by a company to nominate or cease a registered agent or contact address.
  • Form 388 Copy of financial statements and reports.
  • Form 410B and 410F Application for reservation of a name.
  • Form 361 Registered agent ceasing to act for a company or companies (registered agent only).
  • Form 370 Notification by officeholder of resignation or retirement (registered agent only)
  • Form 485 Statement in relation to company solvency
  • Form 492 Request for correction
  • Form 902 Notification of supplementary information
  • FS88 PDS in–use notice
  • FS89 Notice of change to fees and charges in a PDS
  • FS90 Notice that a product in a PDS has ceased to be available
  • Form 5100A Application for registration of a managed investment scheme