Outsourcing Payroll and Accounts Management: COVID19

How a Pandemic highlighted the necessity for remote workers and the benefits of Outsourcing.

When a pandemic hits or disaster strikes…whether it be environmental or business internal. The need for remote and reliable workers becomes vital to the future of the business.

In a pandemic, like other disasters, is where payroll outsourcing becomes a necessity. Many business locations are closed, but the business still needs to operate remotely.

How do people get paid, how does payroll get processed, how do taxes get filed and paid, how do you respond with data to the ATO on a massive number of JobKeeper claims?!

A payroll service provider such as Bilanz for Business can provide solutions to all those problems. We can process payroll remotely. We can distribute the pay via direct deposit, debit cards, or if needed, mail cheques. We, of course, can file and pay all the employment taxes as you would normally…

On top of that, we are always on hand to answer and respond to the various taxing agencies for our clients.

Find out how outsourcing can work for your business today:

As part of our support, we provide recommendations on what to do to help the business continue to thrive despite the peaks and valleys. Business’s receive multiple updates, which is critical because of how quickly things are changing.

But perhaps even more importantly, it means almost the entire internal team is thinking about big picture stuff. No one is caught up in the numbers. Instead, they have right in front of them and can make decisions about them that will help the company make it through this difficult time. If you need all hands-on deck moving forward, you would be wise to consider outsourcing your accounting operation amidst this crisis. Contact us: business@bilanz.com.au to find out more about our services.

Outsourcing is a smart idea even without a crisis.

It does not solve all your growth problems, but it sure frees up a lot of time and energy that can be better spent on things you enjoy doing and can be paid well for.