New Financial Year? Lets talk about integrating a new accounting system with XERO

If you have been considering making a switch to a cloud accounting software program such as Xero. There is no better time than now to start using a new accounting program! The beginning of the Financial Year is the best time to start!

Bilanz for Business, located in Perth, is recognised by Xero as a top migration specialist, which means we can help you convert your files and accounting into Xero seamlessly.

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Why Xero?

Although we are trained in other accounting software’s such as: Quickbooks or MYOB. We work closely with Xero as an advisor, undertaking specialist training and attending Xero events to stay up to date with the latest features. We admire the research and development that Xero invests in to making their system work for bookkeepers and accountants alike. We routinely review our software systems in place, and each year Xero comes out on top. That is why we recommend it! On top of that we pass on greater subscription savings to our clients… saving our clients money is the business we are in after all!

Xero features you need to run your business beautifully.

Ok so you’re probably thinking.. we love Xero.. but why should you..


Bilanz For Business:
Registered Bookkeepers with ICB

Well first I’ll ask you this: Lets look at your current bookkeeping and accounts management system in place. .. Is this working for you, do you love it? (I assume there’s room for improvement since you’re here researching conversions)

So lets review:

 Jot your answers down as you go – bullet point works.

 What software do you have in place?

 What do you like about it? 

What is it missing? 

What do you desire in a perfect (accounting software) world?  Is it a simplified invoicing system, an accurate inventory report, an easy way to pull sales reports or comprehensive payroll system?? or all of that & more.. 

Make the move:

For a seamless conversion, make sure you use a Xero certified advisor. The cost of installing and bringing the historical data correctly is very meager as compared to its use in the long term. You must use an experienced accountant or conversion specialist to assist in the transition process and make it as smooth as possible.

Choosing the right professional

We understand how busy you are as a business owner and that doing the books can be a big load regardless of whether you are a solo business or much larger. With our expertise, we can take care of your business through a variety of services. If you have a small team, we can work together with you to form your outsourced department even though we are a 100% local Perth business.

Designed to offer the most advantage to business owners, Bilanz For Business is the small business accountant in North Fremantle to reach out to when in need of services bordering on business intelligence, digital accounts and bookkeeping, outsourced payroll, executive assistant services and cloud integration. 

As a modern company, Bilanz For Business also offers BAS agent services in North Fremantle and boast of some of the best partner programs which their clients can enjoy.